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How the rest of the world thinks of America
Sneak Preview: Incheon Airport

How the rest of the world thinks of America

We were browsing through a kitchenware store (think Sur la Table or Williams Sonoma) when we happened upon the baking section. In the milieu were some nice looking muffin cups used for baking (see here for an example) in two different sizes. The regular sized one was simply called “Muffin cup.” However, the larger one wasn’t referred to as[…]

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Sneak Preview: Incheon Airport

  • Charlie Brown Cafe.
  • Tuna porridge with radish and squid. It was pretty delicious.

We made it out of the US, and have touched down in Korea! The first stop on our trip was through Incheon Airport for a fairly quick layover before heading to Singapore.


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